Keloid Scars

Keloid Scars

Sideview of woman holding shoulder with keloid scars.The formation of a keloid scar happens after trauma to the skin has healed. Keloids come from the overgrowth of scar tissue and present as hard, smooth, and rubbery, growing beyond the boundary of the original skin injury.

Oftentimes, these scars can be unsightly, but a keloid scar isn't harmful to your physical health.  If you are concerned about your keloid scar, you want permanent keloid scar removal, or you need help determining if your bump is a keloid scar or not, Cibolo Creek Dermatology Group is here to help relieve any stress associated with your dermatology needs.

Keloid Scar Treatment & Removal

Dr. Monica McCrary, our board-certified dermatologist, can discuss the health of your skin and how to approach your keloid scar. After performing a complete and thorough assessment, Dr. McCrary will recommend various forms of treatment to reduce or remove the scar.

Dr. McCray can also provide you with advice on being proactive about potentially having the scar become raised again and how to address it.

We value our clients’ experience and dedicate our service to ensuring that all of your questions are answered and you are left feeling more confident than when you came in. Call us today at (830) 971-5256 or request an appointment online.