Young boy with molluscum contagiosum.Molluscum, also known as molluscum contagiosum, is most common in children 1 to 10 years of age. Although, transmission of this skin infection is not limited to children.

As a curable viral skin infection that results in round painless lesions with dimple in the center, molluscum is in fact a contagious skin infection that needs to be handled with care. Molluscum can be spread from direct person-to person contact as well as through objects contaminated with the virus.

Treatment Options for Molluscum

Dr. McCrary, our board-certified dermatologist, has the expertise to assess the skin infection and suggest the most effective treatment as well as how to avoid future breakouts.

There are several methods to treat molluscum. Treatment will depend on age of patient, location of infection, and general health of the patient.

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Physical Removal of Molluscum:

This may include cryotherapy (freezing the lesions), scraping & cleaning the lesion, and/or laser therapy. DO NOT try to remove molluscum lesions yourself at risk of spreading the infection to other parts of your body or causing a more serious bacterial infection.

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Topical Therapy to Treat Molluscum:

The most effective topical treatments for removing molluscum must be prescribed by a health care professional.

How Can I Prevent Molluscum from Spreading?

Good hygiene habits is the simplest answer. The virus only lives in the uppermost part of the skin. Once the lesions are gone, so is the virus. Some simple tips to avoid contracting molluscum:

  • Wash your hands
  • Don't scatch/pick lesions
  • Keep molluscum lesions covered
  • Don't share personal items
  • If you have lesions on or near the penis, vulva, vagina, or anus, avoid sexual activities until you see a dermatologist.

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