Closeup of mans cheek and nose with rosacea.

I’m Not Blushing, It’s Just Rosacea

Often confused for intense blushing, rosacea is a chronic condition that causes redness and often small pus-filled bumps on the face.

Rosacea Signs & Symptoms:

  • Redness or flushing
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Swelling
  • Thickening Skin
  • Red and irritated eyes
  • Acne-Like breakouts

What Causes Rosacea?

This condition can be uncomfortable, itchy, and is actually incurable. The exact causes of Rosacea are still unknown. Years of dermatological studies have provided some clues, although not definitive in every case, to what causes this skin condition.

  • Rosacea can be genetic
  • Acne-like rosacea can be an immune system reaction to bacteria called bacillus oleronius
  • An intestinal infection from H pylori bacteria may play a role in rosacea
  • Deficiency of a protein that is supposed to protect the skin from infection

Is There A Cure for Rosacea?

Even though there may not be a cure for this skin condition, our experts at Cibolo Creek Dermatology Group can help you control it.

When you make a dermatology appointment, our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Monica McCrary, can perform a complete and thorough evaluation. She can help you determine what are your rosacea triggers -- heat, cold, spicy foods, etc. Dr. McCrary will tailor an individual plan to treat your specific rosacea flare-ups.

We specialize in laser treatments for rosacea. Don't suffer in silence, let Cibolo Creek Dermatology Group help you feel and look better. Call us today at (830) 971-5256 or request an appointment online.